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News : Control computer RMG 625 with two-stage pilot System ( Tuesday, 16. April 2013 )

Flexibility, ease of use, simplicity in maintenance. The new control computer RMG 625 from RMG by Honeywell provides all these features. It was developed for the gas pressure regulator RMG 402 and is fully compatible with existing RMG 402 actuators. The RMG 625 is an important advancement of the pilot RMG 620. Unlike its predecessor, the new pilot system is mounted externally on the actuator and is two-stage.

The benefits of the two-stage pilot system:
- Insensitivity to input pressure fluctuations
- Extremely high regulating accuracy (AC)
- Very low closing pressure (SG)
- Wide output pressure adjusting range
- Simple replacement of springs in order to change output pressure ranges
- Few wear parts, simple maintenance – low expenditure
- High standardisation of parts resulting in reduced stocking of spare parts
- Integrated fine mesh filter for protection against contaminants and for provision of a longer, fault-free operation

For further information, visit www.rmg.com/rmg625-en